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One of the leading tertiary hospitals in the region owned and managed by the Provincial Government of Misamis Occidental.


Provide quality health care through continuing education, training, dedication to work and cooperation with God fearing health providers.

In 1939, the Philippine Legislative passed and Act appropriating P 6, 000.00 for the construction of Provincial Hospitals throughout the country. At the time the local government officials were the late Congressman Jose Ozamis, Gov. Anselmo Bernad and Board Members Federico Apao and Jose Vayson. Board Member Apao made a motion’s unanimously approved by the Board, and copy furnished and insular Government, through the late Secretary of Public Works and Communication. Mariano Jesus Cuenco, requesting the governments were met, construction of the hospital started in November, 1939 all completed a year later, in November, 1941; barely a month before a outbreak of the World  War II and derailed the hospital’s inauguration. During the war, the building was used by the Japanese Imperial forces as a garrison and sustained damages during the liberation campaign. It was rebuilt with the aid of the people of the United States of America under the Philippine Rehabilitation Act of 1946.

CoH Baytion 45-48 copyThe Misamis Occidental Provincial Hospital opened in May, 1945 as a 50 bed capacity hospital under the PCAU administration with Dr. Apolonio Baytion as its first chief of hospital, Virginia Site, Its first chief of nurse and  Mrs. Lourders Saarmiento and Miss Priscila Enerio as ward nurse. Its first patient was a certain Miss Calubag from Pines, Oroquieta, Misamis Occidental. Dr. Jose V. Libunao was added to the medical staff as senior resident physician in July, 1945.

Dr. Apolonio Baytion (1945-1948) was followed by other chief of hospitals,namely; Dr.Jose Libuano Sr. (1948-52), Dr. Lorenzo Gutierrez (1952), Dr. Lluminado Almonte (1945-55), Dr. Jose Zamora (1945), Dr. Jose Moreno (1945-56), Dr. Augusto Sta. Ana (1956-58), Dr. Juanito C. Natividad (1958-60), Dr. Francisco Briones (1960-67) and Dr. German C. Garcia (1967-85), Dr. Marietta C. Fuentes (1985-86) Dr. Elena U. Tan  (1986), Dr. Jose M. Solomon, Sr. (1986-1992;1993-98;2000-2002), Dr. Jose P. Cabuguas (1998-1990), Dr. Rodrego C. Go (1992-93), Dr. Jose B. Conde (1998-2000; 2002-03), Dr. Rodolfo L. Nazareno (2004 to 2014), Dr. Benecio L. Adona (2015-present).

Under E.O. NO. 851 dated December 2, 1982, the Ministry of Health planned for the integration of Provincial Hospitals and Provincial Health Offices, to be named as Integrated Provincial Health Offices Which took effect on January 1, 1985 with the Provincial Health Offices as head of the Office and the chiefs of hospitals as Assistant Provincial Health Officers. The developed hospitals were now managed and under the administrative control of the Provincial government while the Rural Health Units are under the Municipal Government Units.

In October, 1986, Dr. Jose M. Solomon, Sr. Became the new Provincial Health Officer II (1986-1992-1998, and 2000 to present). With full support of the DOH and Provincial Government a two-storey Doctor’s Quarter, a two-storey Administrative Building were constructed as well as renovated Records Building. The hospital too became a recipient of JICA equipment’s. Additional Medical and Laboratory equipment’s were acquired/produced. Other expansions and constructions include the Pediatric Medicare Ward, Medicare Building and Communicable Disease Building.

The Misamis Occidental Provincial Hospital is a government hospital developed to the local government unit of the province of Misamis Occidental. It is a 159 bed tertiary general service capabilities. It is departmentalized into five (5) clinical areas; General Surgery, Anesthesia OB-Gyne, Medicine and Pediatrics.

Its recent renovations, construction and upgrading were undertaken during the administration to the former Provincial Governors of Misamis Occidental, Hon. ERNIE D. CLARETE, Hon. LORETO LEO S. OCAMPOS and in this present administration of our lady Governor, Hon. HERMINIA M. RAMIRO with support and cooperation of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

As a result, Misamis Occidental Provincial Hospital was the first 1999 Sentrong Sigla National Awardee, Provincial Hospital Level, for Highest Achievement in the Delivery of Quality Health Services, given at UP-Theater, Diliman, Quezon City on December 14,1999, during the “Gabi ng Parangal ” awarding ceremony. With is, was performance ward money of THREE MILLION PESOS (P3, 000, 000.00) and a Sentrong Sigla Seal.

Other Significant awards given to Misamis Occidental Provincial hospital includes the following:

  1. Plaque of Recognition for sustaining Healthy Hospital, Regional Level-January 26, 1999.
  2. Healthy Hospital Award by the Philippine Health, and Promotion Programs, National Level – January 24, 1998.
  3. Special Recognition to Misamis Occidental Provincial Hospital for strong implementation of Steps 3 and 10 of 10 steps to successful Breastfeeding Mother and Baby Friendly Hospital – August 22, 1995.
  4. Certified as a Mother – Baby Friendly Hospital – November, 1994.
  5. Plaque of recognition, as cleanest Provincial Hospital – November, 1989.
  6. Plaque of recognition, 1st Runner-Up on Best Emergency Assessment, Regional Level – January, 1989.
  7. Certificate of achievement for Clinical Laboratory Outstanding Performance of its Laboratory, Regional Level – November, 1988.

Today, Misamis Occidental Provincial Hospital, a Sentrong Sigla Facility has an annual occupancy rate of 140% for CY 2014. A total of 259 staff, 34 Medical and 225 Non-Medical working hand in hand providing health services to the community. The Following areas existing in the hospital to provide services are: Surgery, Medicine, OG-Gyne, Pediatrics, Imaging (X-ray, Ultrasound), Clinical Laboratory, Dialysis Unit, Emergency, Pharmacy, Central Supply, Dietary, OPD, Medical Records, Administrative Services, Dental, and Health Education. Misamis Occidental Provincial Hospital covers the following catchment areas:

City/Municipality Population 2013
Oroquieta City 71,887
Lopez Jaena 24,667
Aloran 27,762
Panaon 11,170
Jimenez 25,648
                Total Catchment Population 160,134


Misamis Occidental Provincial Hospital serves as the referral hospital of the District Hospitals, Municipal Hospital and Medicare Hospital of the province.

Our present Gov. Herminia M. Ramiro is very much supportive, in providing health services to the hospital and the community.